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Os Originais do Samba (mp3)

100% Brazil! 100% Samba! 100% Datalove!

O Samba E¦ü A Corda...Os Originais A Cacamba [1972 RCA] AOs Originais do Samba is a Brazilian band formed in the 60s by members of samba school. They played with giants of Brazilian music such as Baden Powell or Jorge Ben.

This compilation (14 albums, 173 tracks) of their full (?) discography, found in the streets of São Paulo, from the late 60s to the 90s, is a very nice and warm dose of Brazilian samba. Muito bom datalove! <3

Get the torrent(?) file: Os Originais do Samba (173 tracks, mp3)

bought for 5 Reals (1.6€) on Praça Roosevelt in São Paulo.

More-or-less random playlist:

Os Originais do Samba

Os Originais do Samba


1track – Os Mutantes – 02. Tudo Bem.mp3

02. Tudo Bem“. Amazing psych rock track from Brazilians <3 Os Mutantes, from compilation “Os Mutantes – Discografia – 13 Albuns Completos” and album “1976- Cavaleiros Negros (Compactos e Raridades)/02″.

(As a matter of fact, “tudo bem“, roughly translated by “everything is fine”, is also by all means one’s first lesson of Brazilian Portuguese… <3)

Download link:

1track – 05-Chicos-De-Barrio-Zenaida.mp3

“05 – Chicos De Barrio – Zenaida”

From meta-compilation Cumbias Argentinas 2, album “Chicos De Barrio – 2008 – The Best Of Da Comark”

Download link:

Los 170 Tangos de la Historia (mp3)

1024px-TangoPostcard1920Tango is this very peculiar music and dance originating from Rio de la Plata, at the border between Argentina and Uruguay. Very peculiar because influenced mostly by colonial and European sounds and harmonics, originating in great part from Italian immigrants, with characteristic instruments such as the bandoneon.

It’s 2/4 rythm is still extremely popular and very much danced in Buenos Aires and in many other parts of the world.

Its lyrics are often outrageously romantic and tragic. Tango is about life and death, love and indifference, joy and pain.

This quite exhaustive compilation (170 tracks), despite a few tracks being garbled (with an annoying “tic! tic! tic!..” noise superposed sometimes by the end of the track :/ …the modern equivalent of the scratches of vinyls?) contains tracks from “Kings” of Tango (Gardel, Camaro, El Caballero Gaucho, but no Piazzola!) but also much -apparently- rarer pieces. <3

Get the torrent(?) file: Los 170 Tangos de la Historia (170 tracks, mp3)

bought for 3.000 Pesos (1.5US$) on Carrera7 in Bogota, Colombia.

Not exactly random playlist:

Los 170 Tangos de la Historia

Los 170 Tangos de la Historia


1track – Hechizeria

Quintessential cumbia. <3

(from compilation Sonidero Pancho - Cumbia Rumba y Guaracha - Lobo DJ)

Download file:

The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz (movie)

The Internet’s Own Boy is a beautiful documentary about our lost beloved Bro, Aaron Swartz. <3 =~~( <3

Well documented piece features many details about the prosecution, including so much evidence of the US Government’s political motives for unacceptably harassing, scaring and exhausting him.

Our loss is immense.

Let’s celebrate Aaron’s ideas, which are so much alive! <3 (Like culture, that is by nature free/libre.)

Get the torrent(?) magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:275faeaf02751f8cad90f2a88612a11707c9c01f&dn=The+Internet%27s+Own+Boy+The+Story+of+Aaron+Swartz+2014+HDRIP+x264& (1.12 GiB, x264 AC3 mkv)

source on The Pirate Bay (the link may be censored in your country, in which case you have to attempt to change that) :

TheInternetsOwnBoy screenshot


Racionais MC’s [discografia - 2013] (mp3)

This post about Brazil is NOT related to whatever ongoing spectacle/sport/advertisement event.

Although mp3 compilations burnt CDRs I found in the streets of Brazil were less interesting, because much less edited and personal than the amazing pieces found in Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico, and mostly amounting to compilations of existing records or full discographies, it is still notable how widespread this format is all around the continent.

Racionais MC’s is probably one of the most important hiphop groups of Brazil, active since 1988. Their very dark and implacable style, as well as their progression from oldschool to more modern and mainstream sounds reminds me of the French NTM (and their amazing albums from 91 and 93!).

This compilation (118 tracks) is supposed to be their full discography, actualized in 2013.

A very nice hiphop compilation, very cool Brazilian sound! <3

Get the torrent(?) file: Racionais MCs All (118 tracks, mp3)

bought for 5 Reals (1.6€) cerca Galeria do Rock en São Paulo, Brazil.

Playlist made with datalove:

Racionais MCs All

Racionais MCs All


100 Rancheras Inolvidables (mp3)

sombrero_2d00c88e3edc5cea466355151cdac3d1Of all the incredibly diverse musical genres found in Mexico, Rancheras is the closest to the common stereotype. Splendid orchestras de Mariachis with strings and amazing trumpets, incredible voices, fantastic singing, with lyrics often tragic and romantico total!

According to Wikip<3dia: “[Ranchera] dates to the years of the Mexican Revolution in the early 20th century. It later became closely associated with the mariachi groups which evolved in Jalisco. Ranchera today is also played by norteño (or Conjunto) or banda”

A lovely compilation (100 tracks) with a very retro charm and truly beautiful songs! <3

Get the torrent(?) file: 100 Rancheras Inolvidables (100 tracks, mp3)

bought for 10 Pesos (approx 0.7€) en Metro CU, Mexico D.F.

Not exactly random playlist:

100 Rancheras Inolvidables

100 Rancheras Inolvidables


Lo Mejor del Cha Cha Cha – Heken DJ (mp3)

Cha-Cha_dance_patternDo you like Chachachà (also known as Cha-cha-cha)? It is a very fun rythm/music/dance from Cuba, derived from Danzon!

I don’t know where and how frequently it is played and danced, but this compilation (80 tracks) found in Mexico D.F. bears a charmingly retro style, refreshing and super-bailable!

100% guaranteed to make you smile!

Get the torrent(?) file: Lo Mejor del Cha Cha Cha (80 tracks, mp3)

bought for 10 Pesos (0.7€) in the Mercado cerca M Tasqueña en Mexico, D.F.

Playlist made with datalove:

Lo Mejor del Cha Cha Cha

Lo Mejor del Cha Cha Cha


Ecuador Instrumental – Eduardo Zurita – Pasillos Instrumentales (mp3)

This compilation is dedicated to the two years of Julian Assange stranded in the embassy of Ecuador in London, wishing that he walks away soon. His courage, contagious indeed, is an example for all of us. <3

Ecuadorian music is striking not only by the incredible talent of its musicians, but also by the wide range of influences: colonial European with Andean sounds and melodies, Afro-carribean and Pacific costal rythms all beautifully mixing and interacting together! So much for such a small country!

The instrumental tracks of this compilation are from diverse styles from mambos to cumbia, some jazzy tracks, some other orchestral… including many one could instantaneously imagine as epic soundtracks of movies from the 70s! (special crush for Mosaico, heard also in the amazing “Cumbia de Antaño – Shark DJ“)

How delicious are these touches of hammondesque organs and old synths! What a charming oldschool relaxed and melodic compilation (134 tracks)! <3

Get the torrent(?) file: Ecuador Instrumental – Eduardo Zurita – Pasillos Instrumentales (134 tracks, mp3)

bought for 1US$ in a park en Quito, Ecuador.

Playlist selected with datalove:

Ecuador instrumental - Eduardo Zurita - Pasillos Instrumentales 134 canciones

Ecuador instrumental – Eduardo Zurita – Pasillos Instrumentales 134 canciones


Cumbias Peñoneras – Shark DJ (mp3)

Cumbia Peñonera comes from Peñòn de los Baños, close from the main airport of Mexico, which is apparently, along with Tepito, the second birthplace of cumbia sonidera.

Although the two places are relatively close, Cumbia Peñonera sounds quite differently from the rest: More cheerful tracks, sounding more like the costal cumbia from Colombia, with much afro-carribean influence. It contains also lots of Gaitas (flute-based cumbias), Guarrachas (slower, slowed-down, “rebajadas” tracks) and some Salsa tracks.

An excellent, very relaxed, fun and muyyyy bailable compilation (150 tracks) by amazing Shark DJ (“Hecho en Tepito, la fabrica de las ideas, Shark New”).

Get the torrent(?) file: Cumbias Peñoneras – Shark DJ (150 tracks, mp3)

bought for 10 pesos (approx 0.8 US$) in Taxqueña, Mexico D.F.

Not-random playlist:

Cumbias Peñoneras - Shark DJ

Cumbias Peñoneras – Shark DJ


1track – 027.-cres q soy sexi

« “027.-cres q soy sexi” from …:::heken record.s:::…. Track 2. »

“Are you ready,
Are you ready for this?
Are you hanging on the edge of your seat?”

Amazing cover cumbiera !

Download link:

From compilation “Mundo Sonidero – Heken”, soon on! :)

Mundo Sonidero - Heken

Mundo Sonidero – Heken

1track – Los Tamalitos de Olga – Orquesta Aragon

“Me gustan los tamalitos… Los tamalitos que vende Olga! Pican? No pican?.. Los tamalitos de Olga!” (tamalitos are most probably small tamales)

Good to realize, sometimes in your life, that you totally *love* Cha-cha-chá!

Download link:

From mp3 compilation “Lo Mejor del Cha Cha Cha”, soon on bittorent on! ;)

Porros, Cumbias y Gaitas (mp3)

Porros, Cumbias and Gaitas have in common to be traditional music from Colombia. As Cumbia is present all over the Spanish-speaking part of the Latin American continent, it seems that Porros and Gaitas are much more local.

Porro is a festive afro-carribean style of Columbian music, with lots of cowbell (and as everyone knows, as a general rule: “MOAR cowbell!”).

As far as I know, gaita is the name of a traditional Colombian flute, made of the heart of a cactus, and used in similar types of afro-carribean rythms and cumbia.

An impressive (235 tracks!) and lovely compilation, sorted by different selections and types of rythms. Muy bailable traditional Colombian music! <3

Get the file: Porros Cumbias y Gaitas (235 tracks, mp3)

Bought for 2.000 pesos (1US$) in the streets of Bogota…

More-or-less-random indicative playlist:

Porros Cumbias y Gaitas

Porros Cumbias y Gaitas


Los Reyes del Bolero (mp3)


Boleros are dance-oriented songs with Spanish and Cuban forms which have separate origins.

This compilation (163 tracks!) is about what is apparently the Cuban form. It contains super lovely antique songs from those described as “The Kings of Bolero” (Los Reyes…), namely: Julio Jaramillo (Ecuador), Olimpo Cardenas (Ecuador), Orlando Contreras (Cuba), Alci Acosta (Colombia), Roberto Ledesma (Cuba?), Javier Solis (Mexico) y Daniel Santos (Puerto Rico).

Deliciously lyrical y romantico! <3

Get the torrent(?) file: Los Reyes del Bolero (163 tracks, mp3)

bought for 3.000 pesos (1.5 US$) on Carrera8 in Bogota, Colombia.

Random playlist:

Los Reyes del Bolero

Los Reyes del Bolero


1track – Chola Cuencana (Ecuador)

An apparently well-known Ecuadorian track, interpreted by the Cojunto Armonía Nacional, From mp3 compilation “Lo Mejor de la Musica Instrumental Ecuatoriana”. Could be the music from an adventure film from the 70s! <3

011 Chola cuencana.mp3

Funk 2014 (mp3)

WARNING: This compilation is not related to what is traditionnally called “Funk” as in “Soul Funk”. It is about Brazilian Funk.

Brazilian Funk, (“Funk Carioca”, “Favela Funk” or “Baile Funk”), popularized by the amazing M.I.A, actually really derives from the Funk of the 60s and 70s. As for Hip-Hop, one could argue that Favela Funk branched from Funk in the slums, in the black communities, when the first samplers, drum machines and “poom!tchak!” beats appeared.

Bittorrent link: Funk 2014 (171 tracks, mp3)

Favela Funk is in a way sister-music of Hip-Hop… except only in Brazil. Both come from the late 70s/early 80s, from the slums (ghettos, favelas), describing its crude realities, mostly from communities discriminated against, sometimes linked to crime. Like Hip-Hop, Favela Funk does often contain sexist lyrics(!).

Another point in common is the heavy use of samples. Maybe a specificity of the Brazilian Funk is that it shamelessly remixes *anything* from the mainstream pop culture. Permanent mix of everything with everything.. so Brazilian! <3

This compilation of 9 compilations (Dj Kilesse – Funk Verao 2014, É Top Funk Vol.01, Fabrica dos Deejays – Mix Sond Deejays, Funk Paredao 2013, Funk Total 2013, Mc 2K – Tu Ti Kundin, MC Cabeça Mc Robinho – Nosso Bonde é o Bicho, O Bin Laden (!) – Bin Ladem Não Morreu, Pesadão – Vol.3 (2013)) gives an interesting panorama. (Recommended for a start: É Top Funk Vol.01, Funk Paredao 2013 and Fabrica dos Deejays – Mix Sond Deejays)

Absolutely not indicative playlist:

Note than instead of relying on a stupid repressive application of Copyright, Baile Funk has always spread through live acts and the free flow of mixtapes, and -as one can hear- shameless advertisement for the DJs and MCs in the middle of the tracks. <3

Bought for 5 Reals (2US$) near Galeria do Rock in São Paulo

Funk 2014

Funk 2014


La Musica que Mueve a Mexico con El Talento del Barrio – Campos Tepito – Discos y Sonido (El Original del Sr. Hector Campos) (FLAC)

100% CDR, 100% Cumbia, 100% Tepito.

If Hector Campos claims he is the King of records in Tepito (“El Rey de los discos en Tepito”) there might be a reason.

As Tepito is one of the birthplaces of Cumbia Sonidera, being king of such a rich (and somewhat chaotic) kingdom must not be an easy task. Campos therefore has to establish his authority by publishing *amazing* compilations of cumbia! This one is not an mp3 compilation, and despite my obvious attraction to this format, I bought it anyway in standard audio CD (and converted it to FLAC with datalove).

It contains some of the most amazing cumbia tracks I listened at, all soooo sonidero! Some old, some new, some guaracha.. Can’t believe all this fits on one ol’audio CD!


Bittorrent link: La Musica que Mueve a Mexico con El Talento del Barrio – Campos Tepito – Discos y Sonido (El Original del Sr. Hector Campos) (22 tracks, flac)

Bought for 20 pesos (about 2US$) to Hector Campos himself in Tepito, Mexico.

La Musica que Mueve a Mexico con El Talento del Barrio - Campos Tepito - Discos y Sonido (El Original del Sr. Hector Campos)

La Musica que Mueve a Mexico con El Talento del Barrio – Campos Tepito – Discos y Sonido (El Original del Sr. Hector Campos)


Vive la Salsa – Nuevos + Exitos – Shark DJ

100% CDR, 100% Salsa!

MOAR salsa sonidera from Tepito, Mexico!

A very nice compilation (70 tracks) by Shark DJ, mixing old and new style salsa. Romantico y mucho bailable!! <3

Bittorrent link:Vive la Salsa – Nuevos + Exitos – Shark DJ (72 tracks, mp3)

Bought for 5 Pesos (0.3€) near Mercado La Merced in Mexico D.F.

Random sampler playlist:

Vive la Salsa - Nuevos + Exitos - Shark DJ

Vive la Salsa – Nuevos + Exitos – Shark DJ


Serge Gainsbourg – Full Discography [mp3]

Histoire de Melody Nelson

Histoire de Melody Nelson

Too many friends in the World don’t know yet the work of the fabulous Serge Gainsbourg [1928 – 1991].

Not only is he probably the greatest French songwriting genius of the XXth century, writing hit songs for so many famous singers in France between 1960 and 1980, but his two concepts albums “Histoire de Melody Nelson” and “L’Homme à Tête de Chou” deserve to be in anyone’s pantheon of masterpiece albums. Forever.

As its Pirate Bay torrent is not that easy to find (named without keywords such as “discography” or “intégrale”) and appears to be censored under pressure by the copyright mafia, here is the torrent link:

Bittorrent link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:98b9b4809153cde8e6fa230fa75ffe08aa891d73&dn=Serge+Gainsbourg&


Reggaeton de Barrio 2020 (mp3)

100% CDR, 100% Reggaeton, 100% 2020!

Reggaeton emerged in Puerto-Rico as a crossover between carribean rythms and latin music. It often contains vocal flows similar to dancehall or some kind of modern reggae (sometimes with sexist lyrics) and is very electronic. It shamelessly mixes and remixes mainstream tunes.

Reggaeton is very much present these days in Ecuador, Colombia and elsewhere in Latin America, mostly in popular neighborhood (and is probably, like hiphop, baile funk, techno and other popular genres before, considered a “sub music” by the mainstream).

A very nice compilation (with a futuristic title, translatable by “Reggaeton from the ‘hood 2020″) of 180 tracks.

Bittorrent link: Reggaeton de Barrio 2020 (180 tracks, mp3)

Bought for 1US$ in a feria in Quito, Ecuador.

more-or-less-random teaser playlist:

Reggaeton de Barrio 2020

Reggaeton de Barrio 2020


Cumbias Argentinas 2(mp3)

100% CDR, 100% Argentina, 100% Cumbia!


A compilation (183 tracks) of compilations and records (14) of moderately recent (2008-2009) Argentinian Cumbia.

Argentinian cumbia is very peculiar (it took me some time to get into it). It is typical by its modern orchestrations, very electronic and based on lots of synthetiser sounds. Lyrics are romantic sometimes corny and clearly cheesy, cliché, with a voice almost unavoidable because so much on the forefront of the music (It is sometimes too much for me like Bandy, El Polaco)… I suggest starting with “Chicos del Barrio” and “Pibes Chorros”.

Will try to look for more recent stuff in Buenos Aires.

Bittorrent link: Cumbias Argentinas 2 (183 tracks, mp3)

Bought for 2.000 pesos (1US$) on Calle7 in Bogota, Colombia.

Teaser Playlist:

Cumbias Argentinas 2

Cumbias Argentinas 2


Eydie Gormé y Los Panchos – Grandes Exitos (mp3)

100% CDR, 100% Panchos, 100% Romantic!

Eydie Gorné was born in NYC and had a long (and fruitful) singing career in the US.

This compilation of 90 tracks by MTV Records (!) focus on the part of her discography comprising boleros played with the Mexican trio Los Panchos in the 60s. A Wonderfully romantic crossover of Latin American music! <3

Bittorrent link: Eydie Gorme y Los Panchos – Grandes Exitos (90 tracks, mp3)

Bought for 5 Pesos (0.3€) near Mercado La Merced in Mexico D.F., Mexico

Teaser playlist:

Eydie Gorme y Los Panchos - Grandes Exitos

Eydie Gorme y Los Panchos – Grandes Exitos


Duelo de Cumbias – Nuevas Vs Antaño – Shark DJ (mp3)

100% CDR, 100% Cumbiaaaa!, 100% Sonidero

Dedicace Especial a Ana & Ricardo! Happy hacking! :*

MOAR Cumbia! One more short (70 tracks) but excellent compilation by Shark DJ.

As the name suggests, it mixes a clash of classic, antique cumbia with the modern stuff, sometimes electronically produced. The antique, as the newer, is mixed in a tradicional Salsa Sonidera… mucho bailable!

Includes immense names such as Sonido Santana, Mr. Pato, Chucho Ponce, Grupo Kandombe A very clever and entertaining selection! So full of Datalove! <3

Bittorrent link: Duelo de Cumbias – Nuevas Vs Antaño – Shark DJ (70 tracks, mp3)

Bought for 10 pesos (0.80 US$) in Tepito, Mexico D.F., Mexico

Random slice-in-the-middle as teaser playlist:

Duelo de Cumbias - Nuevas Vs Antaño - Shark DJ

Duelo de Cumbias – Nuevas Vs Antaño – Shark DJ


Cumbias Pa Gozar – Shark DJ (mp3)

100% CDR, 100% Made in Tepito, 0% Universal Music Group

Another great 70 tracks eme-pe-tres compilacion by Shark DJ from Mexico!

“Cumbias pa (para) gozar” literally “to enjoy” is a bunch of fun and modern cumbia sonidera. Many electronic instrumentation of classic sounds. Some cheezy stuff…

Pa gozar y datalove! <3

Bittorrent link: Cumbias Pa Gozar – Shark DJ (70 tracks, mp3)

One slice-in-the-middle (aka “carrotage”) as a teaser playlist:

Cumbias Pa Gozar - Shark DJ

Cumbias Pa Gozar – Shark DJ


Titanes de la Salsa – Lobo DJ (mp3)

100% CDR, 100% romantic, 100% Salsa!

Lobo DJ strikes again! Excellent and mucho caliente compilation (72 tracks)!

Salsa, originating from New York City in the 70s by Cuban and Porto-Rican immigrants, is apparently currently booming all around Latin America. It is now apparently fully part of the sound of the Sonideros in Mexico.

Salsa always tell these extremely romantic stories… <3

Bittorrent link: Titanes de la Salsa – Lobo DJ

Bought for 5 Pesos (0.4US$) near Mercado La Merced in Mexico D.F., Mexico.

More or less random teaser playlist:

Titanes de la Salsa - Lobo DJ

Titanes de la Salsa – Lobo DJ


Changa – Cumbias Peñoneras – Lobo DJ (mp3)

100% CDR, 100% Cumbia, 0% Eurovision!

Another fantastic compilation (71 tracks) by Lobo DJ.

Pure Sonidero delight. Cumbia “Peñoneras” comes from Peñon de los Baños near of Mexico City (thx Chamukitta!), the other birthplace of sonidero culture along with Tepito.

Sounds like very classy antique very musical and orchestrated cumbias. Some lovely surprises sounding like surf guitars, lots of brass, of fun and such. (some overlap with Cumbias de Antaño – Shark DJ)

Guaranteed to give you a smile!! <3

Bittorrent link: Changa – Cumbias Peñoneras – Lobo DJ

Bought for 5 pesos (0.4US$) near Mercado La Merced in Mexico D.F., Mexico

Not-so-random contiguous teaser playlist:

Changa - Cumbias Peñoneras - Lobo DJ

Changa – Cumbias Peñoneras – Lobo DJ


Corridos y Narcocorridos (mp3)

100% CDR, 100% mp3, 100% vintage!

Corrido is an antique traditional Mexican (and Colombian?) polka-like style of singing with guitar, accordion, often trumpets, inspired by Spanish colonial songs. Corridos distinctive feature are their lyrics, often political and realistic.

Corridos apparently used to be a people’s way of education and subversion about various topics such as oppression, history, the daily life of peasants, etc. Narcocorridos are about drug trafficking, mostly glorifying these activities (while denouncing the corruption of political representatives) and were for that reason often banned.

A very interesting and charming compilation! (160 tracks)

Bittorrent link: Corridos y Narcocorridos

Found for 1US$ in Parque El Ejido, in Quito, Ecuador

(more or less random) teaser playlist:

Corridos y Narcocorridos

Corridos y Narcocorridos


Champeta Rey de Rocha 2013 (mp3)

Special dedicace to Emily & JBounet <3

100% CDR, 100% mp3, 100% Champeta!

Upon popular request, another compilation (100 tracks) of these modern afro-colombian Champeta rythms.

Candid, often cheesy, but sooo bailable!

Bittorrent link:Champeta Rey de Rocha 2013

Bought for 2.000 Pesos (1US$) on Calle7, Bogota.

(more or less random) teaser playlist:

“MJ Music – Inimitable!!!! – Mejor presentacion… Calidad superior!!!”

Champeta Rey de Rocha 2013

Champeta Rey de Rocha 2013


Cumbias de Antaño – Shark DJ (mp3)

100% CDR, 100% mp3, 0% copyright, 100% vintage cumbia

Another fantastic compilation (71 tracks) by DJ Shark, from Mexico City!

Lovely sounds of antique cumbia, including many 60s and 70s rock and psychedelic sounds, all in Sonidero salsa, mixed with love! <3

Bears the logos of Sonidos: Condor, Estelar, Santana

Bittorrent link: Cumbias de Antaño – Shark DJ

Bought for 5 Pesos (0.3€) near Mercado La Merced, in Mexico D.F, Mexico.

Cumbias de Antaño - Shark DJ

Cumbias de Antaño – Shark DJ


Rafael Escalona – Bovea y sus Classicos Vallenatos (mp3)

100% CDR, 100% Colombia, 100% vintage Datalove!

More Vallenatos, from Colombian Carribean region!

Rafael Escalona was recommended to me by the hyper-knowledgeable/adorable lady selling CDRs in the music/movie mall of Calle7 in Bogota as a godfather of Vallanato. I was right to trust her!

Rafael Escalona sounds like such a sweet dude! His music is the perfect mix between latin and carribean. Goes well with some nice rhum (cachaça artisanal feito com amor would do as well..)! Very nice accordeon-powered compilation (99 tracks)!

Bittorrent link: Rafael Escalona – Bovea y sus Classicos Vallenatos

Found for 2.000 Pesos (1 US$) in Bogota?


Teaser Playlist:

Rafael Escalona - Bovea y sus Classicos Vallenatos

Rafael Escalona – Bovea y sus Classicos Vallenatos


Sonido Santana – Guarachas – Lobo DJ (mp3)

100% CDR, 100% mp3, 100% Sonidero!

Guaracha is a cuban rythm influential of Salsa. It is used by Mexican Sonidero DJs with various speeds (lots of debajadas, slowed down tracks) and tweeking as part of the Cumbia Sonidera. It is gorgeously charming and warm! <3

An excellent compilation (71 tracks) by Lobo DJ! (apparently another star mp3 DJ, along with DJ Shark <3)

Bittorrent link: Sonido Santana – Guarachas – Lobo DJ

Found for 5Pesos (0.30€) near Mercado La Merced, in M<3xico D.F, Mexico

Teaser playlist:

Sonido Santana - Guarachas - Lobo DJ

Sonido Santana – Guarachas – Lobo DJ


100% Sonidero – DJ Shark

100% CDR, 100% Sonidero, 100% mp3.

Another compilation by DJ Shark, apparently representative of the sound of Mexican Sonideros.

A great mix of Cumbia indeed, but also lots of Salsa (extremely popular in Latin America these days…), some Cumbias rebajadas (lowered = low speed cumbia, kind of dub) y mas!

Bears logos of many famous Sonideros: Siboney, Sonoramico, Pancho, Condor, Santana, El Pato <3, etc. For more about Sonideros, the Mexican soundsystem culture and economy (Latin-style raves since the 60s, with no need for fuckin’ copyright to thrive!) check the excellent book of El Proyecto Sonidero: Sonideros en las Aceras, Véngase la Gozadera.

Bittorrent Link: 100pc Sonidero – Shark DJ

Bought for 5 Pesos (0.4US$!) near Mercado La Merced, in Mexico DF, Mexico.


100% Sonidero - Shark DJ

100% Sonidero – Shark DJ


Merengue – Las + Fiesteras – Shark DJ (mp3)

100% CDR, 100% mp3, 100% Datalove!

Merengue! Merengue! Merengue! Ritmos freneticos! Muy bailable y muy caliente!

Of Dominican Republic origin, these rythms very popular in Latin America will blow your mind!

Very diverse compilation (72 tracks) by DJ Shark (apparently emblematic figure of mp3 compilations in Mexico City!) High voltage, completamente loco!

Bittorrent link: Merengue – Las + Fiesteras – Shark DJ

Found for 5 pesos (0.40US$) near Mercado La Merced in Mexico City.


Indicative Playlist:

Merengue - Las + Fiesteras - DJ Shark

Merengue – Las + Fiesteras – DJ Shark


MOAR (upcoming) Datalove!

Expect torrents of Cumbia, Llanos, Vallenatos, Porros, Gaitas, Merengue, Salsa, Italo Disco(!), Champeta, Guarachas & muito mas! <3

MOAR Datalove

MOAR Datalove

Teaser playlist:

From Tepito, cerca La Merced y varios mercados in Mexico City, from Carrera8 in Bogota, From markets in Quito, Ecuador…

Europe in 8 Bits (movie)

Wonderful documentary about 8bit chip music! Retro Datalove on C64, Amstrad, and lots of Gameboys

Excellent chiptune soundtrack and properly glitched images. Major artists interviewed (<3 8bitpeoples, micromusic). Makes you cry pixel tears!

Available on:


Bittorrent Magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:4eb7ec8c6a47cacfb0d146f4e376ccbfc11cecc3&

(<3source l’BenouZ)

Champeta del Futuro (mp3)

100% CDR, 100% Champeta, 100% Colombiano

Champeta is a super-popular rythm, mixing traditional Colombian sounds with modern tropical rythms of obvious afro-carribean influence. toum!tatoum!tatoum! Muy caliente!

“Champeta Del Futuro – Lo más nuevo y lo mejor” is quite a representative compilation of the sounds of Champeta, including tracks appearing to be completely African! (pls help identify sources!)

Bittorrent file: Champeta Del Futuro – Lo más nuevo y lo mejor

Bought for 2.000 Pesos (1US$) on Calle7, Bogota.




Musica Colombiana de Exportacion (mp3)

100% CDR, 100% Colombiana, 100% vintage!

Musica Colombiana de Exportacion is a very interesting double compilation:
* The first, “MUSICA COLOMBIANA DE EXPORTACION” is a charming compilation of antique traditional Colombian music, with a strong colonial/European influence.
* The second, “PORROS CUMBIAS GAITAS” contains a great selection of antique Cumbias, Porros and Gaitas. Much more danceable, african-influenced, rythms. (note how some Gaitas sound surprisingly similar to Balkanic sounds!)

Bittorrent link: Musica Colombiana de Exportacion

Bought for 2.000 pesos (1US$) in the street (Carrera8) in Bogota.





7 Classicos del Vallenato Sabanero (mp3)

100% CDR
0% Pascal Negre
100% Vallenatos Colombianos

(Vallenato is a traditional music style from Colombian, from the Carribean area, of obvious african influence)

Link to the Bittorrent file: 7 Classicos del Vallenato Sabanero

Contains compilations for each of the following artists: 01 Enrrique Diaz, 02 Miguel Duran, 03 Alejo Duran, 04 Miguel Duran Jr, 05 Calixto Ochoa, 06 Juancho polo, 07 Alfredo Gutierrez.

Bought for 2.000 pesos (=1US$) in Bogota, on Calle7 (“Pelliculas? Pelliculas?”)


Classicos del Vallenato Sabanero


Chicha Fest Equatoriana – Exitos 2016 (mp3)

100% Ecuador
100% mp3
100% CDR

Compilation of artists playing in “Chicha Fest”, a big Ecuadorian music festival.

Very typical Ecuadorian sound, with some modern (yet not too much) instrumentation. Many women singing.

Bought in the streets of Quito, Ecuador, for 1$.

Link to the bittorrent file:Chicha Fest Equatoriana – Exitos 2016

Chicha Fest Ecuatoriana - Exitos2016

Chicha Fest Ecuatoriana – Exitos2016


Mezclas del Putas (!) – Full Bailables (mp3)

mp3 mixtapes CDR
100% datalove

Some Cumbia Peruana, Tecno Cumbia, Vallenato and other mixes (didn’t listen to it yet!)

Bittorrent link: Mezclas del Putas – Full Bailables

found for 1$ in mercado Iñaquito, in Quito, Ecuador

NB: “del putas” apparently doesn’t necessarily have a sexist connotation, and isn’t related to prostitutes. It means “fucking great”.

Mezclas del Putas - Full Bailables

Mezclas del Putas – Full Bailables


Cumbia Colombiana FullMix (mp3)

100% CDR, 100% Cumbia, 100% mix!

Fantastic Cunbia mix compilation!

Great to discover Cumbia Colombiana! Lots of classics (viejitas, de oro). Assuringly made with Datalove! <3

Bought in a pequeñito Mercado near the Historic Center of Quito, Ecuador, for 1$

Torrent link: Cumbia Colombiana FullMix

NB: the sexist/objectified cover is quite a common feature :/

Cumbia Colombiana FullMix

Cumbia Colombiana FullMix


SanJuanero – full primicias- Reventon (flac)

100% CDR compilation of SanJuanero Cumbia(?) from Colombia

Bought (for 1$) on the market of Parque El Ejido, in Quito, Ecuador.

100% Datalove! <3

Bittorrent link: SanJuanero – full primicias- Reventon



Cumbia de Oro – Exitos del Recuerdo (mp3)

100% Cumbia Classics

100% CD-R

0% Majors

100% Datalove <3

Now 100% bittorrent!

Torrent link: Cumbia de Oro – Exitos del Recuerdo