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Drone Hits vol.1 [video]

My dearest partners in crime (<3 Jake, Allegra, Melissa, Mag & JB <3) and I committed a sung video about drones: Drone Hits vol.1! Sing along before they hit you! More on our hilarious website: Stay tuned for more flying killer robot hits!


You MUST SEE CitizenFour, the movie by the brilliant Oscar-nominated director and journalist Laura Poitras describing how she was contacted by Edward Snowden, to participate to release to the world documents revealing the NSA illegal spying activities, and its active sabotage of most of digital technology. Finally available on bittorrent! <3 As suggested, along with […]

The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz (movie)

The Internet’s Own Boy is a beautiful documentary about our lost beloved Bro, Aaron Swartz. <3 =~~( <3 Well documented piece features many details about the prosecution, including so much evidence of the US Government’s political motives for unacceptably harassing, scaring and exhausting him. Our loss is immense. Let’s celebrate Aaron’s ideas, which are so […]

Europe in 8 Bits (movie)

Wonderful documentary about 8bit chip music! Retro Datalove on C64, Amstrad, and lots of Gameboys Excellent chiptune soundtrack and properly glitched images. Major artists interviewed (