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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Cumbia Colombiana FullMix (mp3)

100% CDR, 100% Cumbia, 100% mix! Fantastic Cunbia mix compilation! Great to discover Cumbia Colombiana! Lots of classics (viejitas, de oro). Assuringly made with Datalove! <3 Bought in a pequeñito Mercado near the Historic Center of Quito, Ecuador, for 1$ Torrent link: Cumbia Colombiana FullMix NB: the sexist/objectified cover is quite a common feature :/

SanJuanero – full primicias- Reventon (flac)

100% CDR compilation of SanJuanero Cumbia(?) from Colombia Bought (for 1$) on the market of Parque El Ejido, in Quito, Ecuador. 100% Datalove! <3 Bittorrent link: SanJuanero – full primicias- Reventon

Cumbia de Oro – Exitos del Recuerdo (mp3)

100% Cumbia Classics 100% CD-R 0% Majors 100% Datalove <3 Now 100% bittorrent! Torrent link: Cumbia de Oro – Exitos del Recuerdo