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Champeta Rey de Rocha 2013 (mp3)

Special dedicace to Emily & JBounet <3 100% CDR, 100% mp3, 100% Champeta! Upon popular request, another compilation (100 tracks) of these modern afro-colombian Champeta rythms. Candid, often cheesy, but sooo bailable! Bittorrent link:Champeta Rey de Rocha 2013 Bought for 2.000 Pesos (1US$) on Calle7, Bogota. (more or less random) teaser playlist: “MJ Music – […]

Champeta del Futuro (mp3)

100% CDR, 100% Champeta, 100% Colombiano Champeta is a super-popular rythm, mixing traditional Colombian sounds with modern tropical rythms of obvious afro-carribean influence. toum!tatoum!tatoum! Muy caliente! “Champeta Del Futuro – Lo más nuevo y lo mejor” is quite a representative compilation of the sounds of Champeta, including tracks appearing to be completely African! (pls help […]