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datalove <3[/caption]Sharing is caring. Sharing and remixing are our fundamental cultural rights, essential for a living culture in which all can participate.

Bittorrent is a mean of sharing files that is compatible with the essential democratic nature of the Internet: With Bittorrent everybody receives and everybody shares, in a decentralized way, with no powerful company in the middle.

The more people are interested into a file shared through Bittorrent, the more it exists and is available to others. This way we can really share culture and make sure it stays on the Internet, whatever imbecile lawyers, politicians or corporations think about it.

Bittorrent is an open protocol, with specifications that everyone can share. It means anyone can create a piece of software that will participate in Bittorrent, in the spirit of Free/Libre software, where software is made by people for people, to liberate, instead of being corporate tools for control.

Bits here are shared through Bittorrent. It means you have to install and use a Bittorrent client to get them. It’s easy! (you can for instance get Deluge or Transmission)

Bittorrent is Datalove! <3