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1track – 05-Chicos-De-Barrio-Zenaida.mp3

“05 – Chicos De Barrio – Zenaida” From meta-compilation “Cumbias Argentinas 2“, album “Chicos De Barrio – 2008 – The Best Of Da Comark” Download link:

Los 170 Tangos de la Historia (mp3)

Tango is this very peculiar music and dance originating from Rio de la Plata, at the border between Argentina and Uruguay. Very peculiar because influenced mostly by colonial and European sounds and harmonics, originating in great part from Italian immigrants, with characteristic instruments such as the bandoneon. It’s 2/4 rythm is still extremely popular and […]

Cumbias Argentinas 2(mp3)

100% CDR, 100% Argentina, 100% Cumbia! WARNING: CHEESY ALERT! A compilation (183 tracks) of compilations and records (14) of moderately recent (2008-2009) Argentinian Cumbia. Argentinian cumbia is very peculiar (it took me some time to get into it). It is typical by its modern orchestrations, very electronic and based on lots of synthetiser sounds. Lyrics […]